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My Story

I grew up in the Alps suburbs in south Germany, at the edge of a small town with four siblings and a lovely neighbourhood. My mother, Lies Pilgram, used to be a textile craft teacher, and she have developed herself thourgh the years. She became a scholpturer, a Puppeteer, Writer and Illustrator. I used to sit with her while she used to sew and knit all of our cloths. Whan I was 16, I sewed my own clothes, and used to be the "Colorfull dog of the school". At the age of 17, I already had my own booth with marionettes, and a "one woman street show".
I couldnt decide for a profession. I tried many directions, carpentry, sculpting and tailoring, even the Sigmringen fashion school couldnt hold me very long.
In 1956 I got married, and sliped into a proffesion of a puppet player, which included al the crafts and arts I expirianced untill this moment.
We traveled and prformed for over than 20 years in Germany and the europran contries, untill one day, I discovered Felting.

This was a new opening and I attended many courses with international felt crafters. meanwhile, producing for craft markets, and slowly I slipped into profesionality, and could leave the theatre behind.
Since 2005 I make my living only from felting.

I produce Jackets, vests, hats, bags ands accessories, dye(coloring) them by myself, or sometimes leave their natural color. My Craft is inspired by traditional clothing, long living models, for daily use.

I love the essessabilty of the projects, the suprise of the dying process, the compositions of the colors, and the formable felt. My costumers love the every day use, and the long lasting qualities of my products.

scoured and combed wool, needled felt and wool, are thrown into a pot with pre preapared colored water,viniger and a fixer.
I use 100% Protein colors, with the "OEKO-TEX" Standart 100.
The color get absurb totaly by the dying goods, and all is left is just viniger water.

Each Product is going through process of:
Designing, Measuring, Preapering Doubled sized matirials, Merging (Water & Soup), Rolling, Shrinking and final adjustments, 
All made by me.

About the process


OEKO-TEX standart 100

My hats are mostly mad with 100% Marino Wool, Dyed with "Eco-Tex" Standart 100.
Most of my men hats collection, is kept naturaly colored.
In this proccess i use differant kinds of sheep wool- Mountain sheep, Stone sheep and the Coburger fox sheep.

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